Vehicle ECU Remapping Cape Town

Vehicle Ecu Remapping Cape Town

If you want to boost your car’s performance, fuel efficiency, or emissions, you might consider vehicle remapping. This is a process that modifies the engine control unit (ECU) of your car to optimize its settings.

However, not all Vehicle Remapping companies in Cape Town are trustworthy, professional, or affordable.

Based on the web search results and reviews, here are some of the best vehicle remapping companies in Cape Town:

CPI Performance Innovation:

This company boasts of using the best remapping system and software in the market, and promises to deliver improved fuel economy, more power and torque, enhanced throttle response, and smooth driving experience. They can remap almost any car, from Vw to Bmw, Alfa to Volvo. They also offer a design service to customize your car’s look.

Address: 7, Trippessa Park, Bofors Cir, Epping, Cape Town, 7475

Contact Number: 076 960 4549


ECU Technologies:

ECU Technologies has a long history of research, development, and experience in automobile technology and car tuning. They offer custom ECU repairs, remapping, car tuning, and vehicle engine tuning using the latest ECU programming techniques and software.

They also solve other automotive electronic problems, such as immobilizers, airbags, dashboards, and more.

They have more than 15 dealers worldwide and offer training and support for aspiring chiptuners.

Address: 6 Privet St, Plattekloof Ext3, Cape Town, 7500

Contact Number: 082 444 0255

Quantum Tuning:

This company is an authorized Quantum Tuning dealer in Cape Town for chip tuning, ECU remapping, DPF solution, diesel remap, engine tuning, and performance remapping. They use cutting-edge technology and software to enhance your car’s performance, fuel efficiency, and drivability. They also offer a free trial and a no-quibble refund policy on their remapping services.

Address: 34 Buffalo Cres, The Hague, Cape Town, 7100

Contact Number: 073 146 3120

These are some of the best vehicle remapping companies in Cape Town, according to the web search results and reviews.

However, you should always do your own research and compare the prices, quality, and reputation of different companies before choosing one. You should also consult with your car manufacturer or dealer before remapping your car’s ECU, as it may affect your warranty or insurance. I hope this helps you find the best vehicle remapping company for your car.

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