V7 Expert – 650ml Multifunctional Foam Cleaner




V7 Expert – 650ml Multifunctional Foam Cleaner @ R70

– Multi-function foam cleaner, Environmental friendly formula, sterilization, strong decontamination, clean without handy injury.
– This product is a kind of multi-purpose foam detergent containing strong decontamination gene, active foam.
– It has strong decontamination and deep layer cleaning functions to eliminate any dirt absolutely, which pollutes the environment and stimulate the skin.
– It can produce rich foam and stimulate odour and is easily used.
– It is suitable for any cleaning or paint surface.
– Deep Cleaning foaming action lifts out dirt and removes stains
– Cleans and renews upholstery and carpeting
– Kills germs, perfect for household and automotive use.


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