VW Golf 7 Rear Spoilers

VW Golf 7 Rear Spoilers are aerodynamic devices that are attached to the rear of a car, usually on the trunk or the roof. They are designed to improve the car’s performance and stability by altering the airflow around the car. Some of the advantages of car rear spoilers are:

They enhance the appearance: MK7 Spoilers can also add a sporty and stylish look to the car, which can increase its appeal and value. Spoilers come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, which can suit different preferences and tastes. Some spoilers are adjustable, which means they can be tilted or extended to change the aerodynamic effect and the appearance of the car.

– They reduce drag: Drag is the force that opposes the motion of a car through the air. By creating a downward pressure on the rear of the car, spoilers reduce the amount of air that flows underneath the car, which reduces the drag and increases the speed and fuel efficiency of the car.

– They increase downforce: Downforce is the force that pushes the car down onto the road, which improves the traction and handling of the car. By changing the angle and shape of the airflow over the car, spoilers create a low-pressure zone behind the car, which sucks the car down and increases the downforce. This allows the car to corner faster and brake harder without losing grip or control.



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