Halogen Headlight / Fog Light Bulbs



Halogen Headlight / Fog Light Bulbs @ R120 a set

Available Sizes: 9005, 9006, H1, H3, H4, H7, H11 and H16


– high brightness: xenon halogen bulb, 55/60w 5000k, compared with the standard original halogen bulb, the light on the road increases by up to 100%, allowing you to travel safely.

– high-precision coating and uv-quartz glass make it not easy to crack and moisture-proof, waterproof and dust-proof, heat resistance and aging resistance.

– more down-road visibility: The combination of down-road, side road, and whiter light achieves more clarity during nighttime driving. More clarity improves contrast and makes it easier to see objects on and along the side of the road.

– optimal performance : Has a specially designed filament, propriety halogen gas mixture, add a unique lamp coating that shifts the color temperature towards a whiter light.

– installation: Easy to install, plug and play, no need to modify the wires. Suitable for 12v car and motorcycle headlight high beam or low beam. You can also switch between fog lights and daytime running lights.


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