Car Wash Rocket Sprayer




Car Wash Rocket Sprayer


Car wash foam helps to carry dirt particles and grime gently away from paint or chrome surfaces, avoiding harmful scratching.

– ADJUSTABLE FOAMING STICK&HIGH CAPACITY : The foaming stick can be adjusted in parallel or vertical direction.

2 IN 1 FUNCTION : Low Pressure Washer Suds Maker support to spray foam or spray water.

– It’s simple to use, adding some soap and water to the container, and connecting garden hose. Size: 42cm x 11cm x 22cm.

– The Carwash Rocket features a specially designed gun so there’s no more scrubbing; just spray and rinse. Adjustable foam control infuses massive amounts of air into the soap and water to create a blanket of thick foam, just like a professional carwash.

– The air-charged cleansing foam lifts dirt and dust from the surface and rinses it away without leaving behind any film or residue. Use it on your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, etc.

What’s in the box

1 x Carwash Rocket Sprayer


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